Yes, they damn expensive, but Intes Micro is known for

I using a block of wood in the middle to keep them apart. Not ideal, but I couldn figure out a better way of doing it. 46 points submitted 1 month ago. SCTs are surprisingly good planetary telescopes, and can work as DSO hunters as well for smaller targets. I personally seen exceptionally good SCTs delivering extremely good views that can blow away any mass produced newt in same aperture class.Maksutov Cassegrains are compact, lightweight at small sizes, and have pretty good images, but they expensive, get heavy in larger sizes and completely unavailable above 7″ in aperture.Completely unavailable? Uhm, excuse me! Yes, that 14″ and 16″ F/10 MAKs. Yes, they damn expensive, but Intes Micro is known for producing the best Maksutovs in the world.

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