They search the vehicle and find nothing

That said, I also don see what the big deal is. It pretty obvious that it not a very active sub. If you google “Windsor subreddit”, this one is the top result, followed by /r/UWindsor, and then the other one. In my humble opinion, that price range is a weird limbo zone for women boots. It definitely a sizeable amount of cash to drop, but for some reason it hard to find women boots that are good quality (leather, sole, etc) in that price range. I think for comparable quality to Frye, you might as well spring for Thursday Boot Co.

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Canada Goose Parka But that a character, either or lacking human like motives and desires makes for difficult storytelling. The endpoint for a sufficiently advanced AI ought to be it becoming (relatively quickly) indistinguishable to us from a god, and its motives and actions similarly mysterious and terrifying. Star Trek has never really nailed this portrayal, although some attempts (V and I actually argue to some extent Control) have grasped the problem better than others Canada Goose Parka.