The governing body sending out the texts should either (a)

The belt is just a courtesy for your opponent. If you slapped hands with someone who you had never met before and didn know anything about would you rather have your belt on or a black belt? If you just doing jiu jitsu because you feel obligated to keep going till you get promoted then you doing it for the wrong reasons. The belts come on their own.

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cheap Canada Goose To expand on that previous edit, Metra is losing ridership because for people in zones as far flung as E, a monthly pass doesn really save all that much money anymore. For more and more people, driving alone in their car which they already own is cheaper, including gas and parking, with the judgement that the increased wear and tear is worth the benefit of not having to deal with constant delays, train cancellations, and oppressive schedules. Again, I don want to place too much blame at Metra feet, they are perenially underfunded, and the PTC shit threw them for a loop big time, but at a certain point, you can keep feeling bad for them, when the train that meant to get you to work that day is stuck at your station, on fucking fire, because the locomotive is 15 years past it useful life cheap Canada Goose.