The benefit that Georgia has is that it competes with no one

I understand the reasons for firing him because I agree with the crowd that sees FSU, TxTech and Tennessee succeeding and says, why can that be us, but I also understand that you can just fire your coach every 5 years when he doesn have Clemson in the Elite Eight every other year as if he has the same resources to work with as a coach at Duke or UNCmrlazyboy 1 point submitted 11 days agoTrue, I should realistically view my current scenario as “I pay $1,700 per month and get $500.” The second scenario is “I pay $1,900 per month and get $1,000.”When you logically subtract one from the other, you get “I pay $200 more per month, and get $300.” It does represent a much higher efficiency in terms of payment. cheap canada goose From my perspective, I paying $200 more per month, and improving my monthly principal gain by $300. That tells me that I coming out $300 ahead on the refinance each month, so we break even in roughly 2 years if the refinance costs $7,000.Robhasaquestion 2 points submitted 11 days agoSo you’re saying with the old loan you were paying $1200/month in interest just before the refi and now you’re paying $900/month after the refi? That’s not consistent with the numbers you’ve provided.If refi was 7k and that was added to principal on refi then you’re monthly interest at 4.5% of 323k pre refi is $1210/month (consistent with 1700 and 500 numbers) but the interest in the refi is 3.75% on 330k, which is $1030/month, so you’re saving $180/month in interest assuming equal principal payments.

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buy canada goose jacket Don accuse someone of stealing your creation. If someone places a next to their work, it means they do not want it duplicated or shared to an outside source. Please respect that.. If I was home, I would watch CFB from College GameDay in the morning until the end of the Pac 12 games that night.I can see Lupoi or Locksley leaving after this season, especially Lupoi. I don think he ready for a head coaching job yet, but he will certainly be one at some point.I think Georgia couldn have hired anyone better for the job. The benefit that Georgia has is that it competes with no one in the state in terms of recruiting. buy canada goose jacket

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