Sounds like you might want to rack up a body count

Whatever their intention, the person who put up the anonymous Westhoughton Facebook post set off a chain of events that made warnings about the Momo challenge go viral even if there’s little evidence to suggest that the disturbing prank is popular at all among the kids that concerned parents are now rushing to protect. As New York Magazine wrote in an examination of the latest panic, it’s “a little strange that we’re once again talking about Momo in 2019. Strange, but given the way the web works, not that surprising.”.

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canada goose black friday sale Race baiters/grabbers are gonna bait whether the gun goes off or not, might as well save some future assaultees the trouble of dealing with these two.tophermeyer 15 points submitted 19 hours agoRace baiters/grabbers are gonna bait whether the gun goes off or not, might as well save some future assaultees the trouble of dealing with these two.Oh hey Judge Dredd! This is exactly what I mean when I say “vigilante justice”.You right that the gun should only come out in the face of deadly force. But you can ignore that situations like this evolve rapidly, drawing the gun changes the situation dramatically.Drawing with the intento brandish is horrifically stupid. Drawing with the intent to kill and recognizing that the threat is retreating is judicious.Sounds like you might want to rack up a body count. canada goose black friday sale

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