So conor was with her that night

I took a similar personality test for an interview, don’t remember the exact brand but supposedly it was just to see if your personality test matches the team. As in, there is no pass/fail, only fits/doesn’t. I have doubts as to how valid they actually are, or whether the company even used the results.

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canada goose For example, I just watched Idiocracy for the first time last weekend, and saw a reference to it in a thread that I enjoyed, but would have scrolled past a week ago since it would have been meaningless to me before seeing the movie.appreciate the fact that this volume has made RWBY find its light hearted sense of humor and this episode certainly reminded me of that with the little antics with Maria and her nuts as well as some other parts The whole heist theme of the episode was something unique and I wished that it showcased more of it than what we saw Is it just me or does the whole robot thing feel like a major escalation. But maybe its just me. Still hyped for the impending mecha fight between Weiss and that robot Finally, WE GET TO SEE ADAM!!! I was beginning to worry whether or not we going to see him and now we finally do and I genuinely excited as fuck to see the fight between him and Blake/Yang Another thing to note, it looks like Adam is actually blind and that whole blindfold thing kind of reminded me of daredevil as stated by other, lolweek is surely going to be an absolute banger of an ep. canada goose

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