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9a replica bags The scholarship provides part of the tuition fee for the first year of study for the students. Thirty six New Zealand schools in nine regions are taking part.He said allowing them to connect with students from other cultural backgrounds was important to open their minds and expose them to the wider world, especially in light of recent events.He said the school currently Fake Handbags had a large international student base, with 60 students from all corners of the world.International director at John Paul College Mike Dwight was welcomed by music class students at Vinschool Hanoi. Photo / SuppliedJohn Paul College principal Patrick Walsh said the school recognised Vietnam as one of the strongest emerging Asian economies, so the connection was vital.He said Vietnamese people placed huge value on education, something they had in common with New Zealand.In the past, John Paul College has had a number of Vietnamese students, who Walsh said were hardworking and involved, so he was keen to keep those connections strong.Related articles: BAY OF PLENTY TIMES Youth health services provided at school 29 Mar, 2019 9:35am3 minutes to readBAY OF PLENTY TIMES Schools battle for NISS Sevens titles at Arataki 29 Mar, 2019 6:11amQuick ReadBAY OF PLENTY TIMES Woman at centre of Tauranga school lockdown remains behind bars 22 Mar, 2019 11:02am 9a replica bags.