People are still buying the dips

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The accumulation/distribution has been mostly moving sideways up here, so no real direction is being indicated yet:I don disagree that there are signals it going to retrace, but I don agree with the ones OP posted. I think the better signal is the slowing down of momentum and loss of the hourly uptrend, but I wait to see how the consolidation period plays out because every single low TF oversold condition is bought back up within minutes. People are still buying the dips, so unless some large sells start coming out to shake buyers confidence, or buyers run out of cash, it continue to move sideways or grind up slowly.Either way, we near the end of triangle/wedge/whatever hermes bag replica uk you want to see it as.

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But usually we are hedging against fast decks most of the time.Basically my theory is that by adding cards like Remand, Repeal, Izzet Charm, and Gifts doesn help the deck against the decks it needs help against. Valakut decks in general are weak to fast decks, which is why I brought up the idea of wanting to play Valakut vs slower grindy decks like UW and BGx.Against fast meta decks like Phoenix, Burn, Storm, Dredge, etc, is where I think BTL becomes better. Alongside Remand we have Cryptic command and Path to Exile if in white.

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