One suspect was arrested at the scene and another nearby in d

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Thanks. I admit I didn know it was a different person replying to me when I responded to /u/AlpacaFury but I think the overarching point stands. I will admit I was pretty snarky though; but it was justified considering the OP (not alpaca) implied I willingly ignorant of some broad conspiracy (or a party to it I not sure) that dupes me out of.

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It was during this period as a councillor that he met and married Norma Johnson, a teacher and dressmaker. In 1971 Major was selected as prospective Conservative candidate for the Labour seat of Camden, St Pancras North, unsuccessfully contesting it in both general elections of 1974. In 1978 he was adopted as candidate for the safe seat of Huntingdonshire, entering parliament in the general election of 1979..

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