“Maybe they should have killed Glenn at the end of S6 instead

Those shots that finished Brunson looked effortless.However, I would hope that Yoel would fight him much differently than in the way you described. But how many times have we seen a fighter do the exact opposite of what they should have?It a fight I definitely want to see, that for sure. It tough to predict how/when it could happen though.

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uk canada goose outlet But people forget that Beast, Prof X and Black Bolt are/were part of the same group Illuminati.True COMIC fans like them both.Hyped, clout chasing movie fans tend to choose sides.Sure the Inhumans serie sucked big time mainly because the budget was low and bad production choices.The X men movies sure were fun but none of them were on par with any MCU movie. They were pretty dissapointing imo and a bit of mess.MCU WISE: If the next saga introduces Fantastic Four, and with that Galactus and Dr Doom. They will get the Inhumans back and recast them uk canada goose outlet.