Marbaniang, a mother of two, said her initiative has provided

(Note: the worst part of the day is having to go back to the hotel for the children’s passports so that, as under 18 European Union citizens, they can get free tickets. Every state tourist attraction offers the same deal and, despite a “look here my good man” parody of English behaviour, officials will not accept a parental passport as proof. So keep them with you at all times)..

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joy replica bags review Marbaniang did not have to invest much as the raw materials for the pads were available in plenty,” he said.The 30 year old has reached an agreement with the MBDA, as part of which she will be paying a certain amount of the money she earns from the sale of the napkins, Majaw said.Congratulating Marbaniang on her endeavour, District Additional Deputy Commissioner AVD Shira urged other self help groups to set up businesses and create employment opportunities for the youth.Shira also insisted women should maintain menstrual hygiene for their overall well being.”The pads are manufactured keeping in mind the health of women. The product will prevent women from contracting urinary tract infections, which is often the case when unhygienic pads are used,” she added.Marbaniang, a mother of two, said her initiative has provided employment to two women for now.”Syntu is receiving good response from young women. In the next few months, I plan to expand my business and reach out to as many women as possible with the help of the government’s entrepreneurial support wing,” she added.. joy replica bags review

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