Laws should be sufficiently uncomfortable to achieve harm

Studies from places like Colorado show the same thing. Laws should be sufficiently uncomfortable to achieve harm reduction, but there no harm here like there is with alcohol. It shouldn be legal to drive high, but it also shouldn be treated as strictly as alcohol, at least..

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Canada Goose Parka Yes so because of their inability to do so, they have committed less atrocities abroad than the US. Nothing has changed just because they lack the ability to do so. I see nothing wrong with this comparison. That isn close to being the same as valuable to the fans.And are you really accusing me of cherry picking? I picked the 2 pre eminent free agents of the last decade, and a third guy who was the consensus pick to be the third star of the free agency market this year prior to his disastrous 2018.I not saying that always the case (you really do have an amazing ability to miss the point). I saying that when fans are sold a bill of goods about how they might not like it now, but boy are they going to be grateful 7 years down the road, it actually takes a rare confluence of events for that to even be true. You need a player not to be a bust, not to suffer a career ending injury, not to be hurt in his 7th year, and for the team to actually be in contention.He been a reliever for the past three years and hasn been in college (played CF) since 2013.Senzel just started playing the position this spring, and took a bad dive that could have broken his arm if he was unlucky to catch a ball Canada Goose Parka.