It turns out this father in the first part of this pic has a

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uk canada goose outlet I am hugely uncomfortable right now. I feel like an apple tree. canada goose outlet shop So thankfully a friend is coming to take my dog tomorrow AM, then we’re going out for a nice dinner with friends tomorrow night, then I fast. Also, I’m not a doctor or scientist, nor am I very knowledgeable about anything, so this might not be the most accurate explanation. If it’s totally wrong, I’d love to hear how it actually worksSome cunt of a parent didn vaccinate their kid because anti vaxx moron. It turns out this father in the first part of this pic has a wife with cancer, which means if his kid in the daycare of the antivaxx kid gets a vaccine, there a chance (depending on how severe, which this means probably pretty damn severe cancer) that the mother gets infected by the weakened form of the virus. uk canada goose outlet

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