It those feelings that are the trigger to eat as you can sit

Or boilers. Etc. You catch my drift?In the end, I came to the conclusion that the report didn help me much because the expensive, in depth things such as plumbing can be verified by a general inspector. No matter how bad it gets change is a possibility, you simply not there yet.As far as seeing food as a highlight, are you where you wanna be in your life? Are taking steps in the right direction of where you wanna be? Is your current state if living meaningful? I ask because without this, the void to find “completion” only gets bigger so eating highly palatable food is so uplifting.Also, binge eating is 90% emotional based IMO. For example, considering what I outlined in the previous, if you unfulfilled with your life you likely to be upset by it or stressed, anxious etc. It those feelings that are the trigger to eat as you can sit with yourself so why not change your state.

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