I speaking from experience, btw, I wasn a fan of Chris Roberts

Hijacking top comment to say: I think a lot of people are misunderstanding this post. The way I read it, OP husband doesn believe that this creepy image depicts a real creature. What he believes is that it really a widespread trend for children to be sent or stumble upon posts or videos with the scary image spliced in, telling them to do horrible things, when in fact there very little proof that this is more than a few isolated incidents being blown out of proportion.

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Replica Hermes Birkin Last two sci fi ones of note was Prey, which was fucking great and my game of 2017 (not to mention the phenominal DLC), and DX Mankind Divided.You say this like as if we already have enough immersive sims but honestly the more the merrier, they don have to be the most innovative things in the world TBH (although Mooncrash pushed the genre forward in a way that hasn been done before), because as long as the gameplay and systems and interactions is good, I gonna fuckin get it.Like there been more Battle Royale games, MP FPS games, survival games etc that don have a lot different going for them between them yet they are still extremely popular. Why can that be true for immersive sims too? I think that it being possibly “more of the same” is enough for me at least.You bring up games like Destiny and TLOU, which doesn make sense because those two games are not only radically different from each other, but also radically different compared to high quality hermes birkin replica immersive sims like Prey 2017. And yeah I would count Fallout and Skyrim being immersive sims too, but they a different sort, with an open world focus. Replica Hermes Birkin

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