I feel like they finally got their mojo back

I agree with this. And I think that there is the added fact that it is generally acceptable to mock an anti vaxxer for example but clearly not one with a mental illness even if self diagnosed! So, it feels safer to say ‘poor me, I am so OCD’ than ‘poor me, big pharma is conspiring to kill me and my kids’. So even if I know that Aunt Betty absolutely does not have the very debilitating diagnosis of OCD but simply likes her kitten plates displayed in alphabetical order, I can’t disagree or query her as ‘you can’t mock someone with a mental illness’..

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cheap Canada Goose It wasn thrash, but there were a lot of well crafted songs on there. They kind of lost me after that, until Hardwired. I feel like they finally got their mojo back. Do not use “BREAKING” or ALL CAPS in titles. I don think he explicitly said ICBM, but if I recall the posts correctly, AF1 was near Japan and the “photo of a missile launch” was from the Pacific Northwest coastline, so I think only an ICBM would have the range. The stuff about F16s with special anti missile packages is almost verbatim from Q cheap Canada Goose.