However, we challenged our canada goose outlet online uk own

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Food will always be an obsession in human life so there is no reason why it shouldn be cheap canada goose a part of performance and theatre too. As Di Benedetto states, “food as a component in theatrical entertainments goose outlet canada has a long historyin an attempt to unpack the aesthetic uses of food by the futurists and the surrealists in the creation of meaning” (2010, p116). In the Middle Ages, food and entertainment went hand in hand, “food was a performanceFeasting and festivity were inextricably fused in medieval hospitality; the one did not exist without the other” (Cole in Di Benedetto, 2010, p116). This link between performance and food is clear canada goose outlet online even official canada goose outlet without noticing it. When entertaining canada goose outlet toronto factory guests, food is expected as an accompaniment, canada goose factory outlet people go and enjoy food as a social canada goose outlet store occasion with loved ones. Our performance therefore becomes quite a contrast to many people’s perception of food, it exposes the greed, waste and overall negativity that food can also be associated with.

Our piece has become more thought provoking that what we initially anticipated. Our initial stimulus was the feeder fetish but the way in which we presented our piece resulted in a much more varied interpretation. It was a personal experience for each of us. As young buy canada goose jacket cheap female canada goose uk shop adults in a modern 21st century country, we all feel the need to look canada goose outlet uk after our body and therefore our view on the over consumption of food is rather negative. As Seid suggests, “Everything, for women, boils down to body size” (1994, p7). However, we challenged our canada goose outlet online uk own thoughts and took part in a task which contradicts everything we believe is right regarding food and the body. canada goose outlet uk sale As Coultate and Davies state, rightly, almost canada goose outlet everyone has on opinion on the food canada goose coats on sale they eat, or canada goose factory sale don eat. We have fads and fancies, compounded with canada goose outlet sale views on what is for you’ (1994, p1). Interestingly of course, the feeder/gainer fetish is a way of life for someindividuals who gain pleasure from the over consumption of fatty foods. This is something that we cannot begin to understand or relate to and cheap canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale certainly isn something I admire, particularly when it Canada Goose Jackets will have such a negative impact on their health. It seems that for many people, from those who are clinically obese to those suffering from disorders such as anorexia, food is allowed to consume their lives in such a way in which they no longer have control. After all, “food is essential to our survival, social ritual revolving around food are central parts of every culture on earth” (Di Benedetto, 2010, p114). The idea of control was exercised throughout our performance from the buying of the food, to the preparation and finally the feeding. In ‘Feeder’ we explored both personal and social reactions and feelings towards food, canada goose black friday sale the female form in relation to food and in particular the gluttony and greed of many people in 1st world countries Canada Goose Parka.