He got paid out 700K, that basically RH entire signing bonus,

Ut id rutrum erat. Vestibulum tristique ipsum eget ligula scelerisque, vel imperdiet quam vehicula. Donec vitae quam vel velit hendrerit hendrerit in eget metus. That ended in them circling him and beating the shit out of him while he still had open chest surgery incisions. Edit: and if you want to know how that ended. Took it to court, dad got a fine, probation, and WORST of all had to write a fucking APPOLOGY letter to the assfuck who instigated it all.

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cheap canada goose uk Why do you think I kept saying “guaranteed money”? I not comparing insurance payouts to the entirety of a potential contract, I saying if he got hurt in the NFL or hurt in college, it wouldn make a difference.You realize RH only had 1.6 million guaranteed right? That means his career ends and that it. You link me to an example clearly stating a player got paid out the difference specified from his insurance.He got paid out 700K, that basically RH entire signing bonus, simply because he dropped. The insurance he got was for 7.2, the NFL contract was 6.5 million, he got his money man.Now, let look at NFL guarantees cheap canada goose uk.