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The company chief executive officer, Susan Mitchell, said many people particularly those who were yet to buy property were showing off their lifestyles and putting it ahead of buying their own home.it very tempting to keep up with the trends it can be a dangerous strategy to live for today and not have a strategic plan for your longer term financial security.Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that in the December quarter the national average price of homes fell by $15,700 to $651,100.Single mum Sarah Mudford, 42, slowly climbed up the property ladder since buying her first property in 2009, and said it came down to being smart with her cash.saved hard and worked hard, in the last five years I saved to get into the investment property market, she said.also got Chinese homestay students to move into my house because I had spare rooms. That enabled me to continue to save and also pay for a holiday over to Europe for six weeks. Picture: SuppliedSource:SuppliedMs Mudford bought a five bedroom home in Melbourne in 2012 and then purchased an investment property a two bedroom unit in Brisbane last year.She said it not spending on the little things that helped her get ahead financially.Financial adviser Scott Haywood warned younger Australians not to get caught up in (fear of missing out) land should live within your means and reduce debt, he said.an environment where we have no wage growth, people need to pull their head in, be realistic and understand where you are at financially rather than painting a picture on Facebook that makes you look wealthy.

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