But at night imagine how dark it would be

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Canada Goose online While I don disagree, a big part of those games is being there fro the evolution of the franchise. Destiny, for instance, is much better experienced as the franchise grows. Sure, you could do the raid a year later. Because obviously, not everything has a sensible default, as you were implying.It absurd that Codable expects your APIs to always be well thought out. Instead we have to fight with it as well as poor APIs we need to work with.sobri909 12 points submitted 1 day agoThere is/was a serious bug in iOS 12, that affected background apps on newer model phones (causing the apps to be terminated much more frequently than on older model phones).I filed a detailed Radar, once I could identify the problem conclusively (the smoking gun was the resource termination reports in Xcode, which were overwhelmingly occurring on the latest model phones canada goose outlet the more cores, the more incidences of terminations).Apple sat on the report with no response for a couple of months. So I lost patience, and went for the “make people angry” option. Canada Goose online

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