According to UC Berkeley ornithologist Alejandro Rico Guevara

I tried this and found that a whole head of garlic for a 1L bottle of oil wasn’t enough for my garlic hungry palate’s taste (another half head would do it), although a whole red chilli (unseeded) was just about sufficient to deliver a subtle, though not overpowering, kick. I followed the recipe to the letter and made sure that the garlic, although almost golden, didn’t catch. The oil cleared straight away (it didn’t on a previous attempt using a different recipe) and was a good, slightly darker colour than the original, which was a budget brand from a reputable retailer: I tend to use this as a base rather than in dressings, but it would I’m sure be perfectly acceptable drizzled over salad or bruschetta either alone or in company with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

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