19 in the research quality intensity measure

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cheap nfl jerseys The University scored 29.19 in the research quality intensity measure, compared with a 22.60 average for all universities and 7.15 for TEOs in general.Other universities scored as below:University of Canterbury 25.92Auckland University of Technology 15.78Victoria University of Wellington also has the highest percentage of top rated researchers (A ranked plus B ranked combined) of all universities and TEOs.The University increased its number of research active staff by nearly 35 percent compared with 2012, from 641 to 864 demonstrating its substantial growth in research activity over the past six years.In terms of subject areas, the University performed particularly well in areas of strength expected of a wholesale jerseys shop university in the creative capital of New Zealand. It had the highest percentage of A ranked researchers in: Earth Sciences; History, History of Art, Classics and Curatorial Studies; Law; Music, Literary Arts and Other Arts; Philosophy; Human Geography; and Theatre, Dance, Film, Television and Multimedia.The subjects where the University had the highest percentage of A ranked plus B ranked researchers (combined) are: Foreign Languages and Linguistics; Law; Philosophy (joint); Sociology, Social Policy, Social Work, Criminology and Gender Studies; Mori Knowledge and Development; History, History of Art, Classics and Curatorial Studies.As well as evaluating research intensity and quality, PBRF is a funding mechanism for the tertiary sector, and as a result of the latest round Victoria University of Wellington is set to receive significantly more from the government over the next six years compared with its 2012 allocation.The University’s Vice Provost (Research), Professor Margaret Hyland, congratulates all staff involved in “these fantastic results” and notes they also bode well for the future. “Drilling down into the results, we see a healthy spread of researchers at different stages of their careers, reflecting how we have provided a good atmosphere for fostering careers at all levels, including the newest, which is so important to New Zealand’s research future.”Vice Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford says: “As wholesale nfl jerseys in america New Zealand’s most research quality intensive university, we have a higher proportion of academics conducting high quality research than anywhere else in the country. cheap nfl jerseys

The focus can be on them. We know they going to play well. They have all the experience, they done this all before. Because if you split, you fragment the single market, which, after all, is the world largest borderless single market. That bad for jobs and growth in this country. Three million people are dependent for their jobs on our access to the single market.

wholesale jerseys NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship Award (DRF) 468 (December 2014)”Selecting the Right Biologic for the Right Patient in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE): Personalised Therapy based on Immunopathogenesis.”Awarded the supply of Etanercept free of charge for “Targeted therapy using intradermal injection of Etanercept for remission induction in Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (TARGET DLE)” Phase 2 trialI am actively involved in the undergraduate teaching by delivering a lecture once a month on “Connective Tissue Disease” and organise Hands Examination session (2 monthly). I am also one of the Final Year OSCE examiners at both the University of Leeds and University of Manchester. I recently supervised two undergraduate students as a part of the LEADERS Summer School Projects and both of them managed to get poster presentations at the national conference and publication in a 3 star journals. wholesale jerseys

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