Trump spoke about Saudi Arabia

New research shows that people with autistic traits show less empathy and reduced understanding of other people feelings.While autism is often associated with social difficulties, there has been debate in recent years about whether those in the autistic community experience difficulties in processing emotion and the exact form this takes, according to researchers from the University of Bath and King College London in the UK.The debate was centered on difficulties in measuring empathy, but also on the complicating factor that many autistic people also experience alexithymia, a condition known as “emotional blindness.” People with alexithymia face difficulties in understanding their own and others emotions, researchers said. Yet previous research did not make it clear whether autistic people without alexithymia faced the same challenge.For the new study, researchers addressed limitations in previous research. Across two large scale surveys, sampling more than 650 adults from the general population, they measured the links between autistic tendencies, alexithymia, and scored individuals on a detailed empathy test.The results found that having more autistic tendencies was linked to lower empathy, even after factoring in alexithymia.Using computerized simulations, autism was the more dominant and statistically important link to empathy when compared to alexithymia, the researchers reported.

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